About us

We are the Wallachian White kennel focusing on the West Highland White Terrier breed. We are situated in the heart of Wallachia, Czech Republic, and our pack consists of three females – Chelsea, Marianna, and Quaery.

Chelsea, as the founder of the lineage, has been awarded numerous titles and has brought 18 healthy puppies to life. Marianna has just given birth to her first son, Andrew Wallachian White, and Quaery has her promising career ahead.

Our kennel has been closely cooperating with Little Soulmate station, under which we had belonged before.

Our pack

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Latest news

Celebrations: Chelsea gives life to six cutest puppies

On Thursday 10 June, our pack has grown temporarily by six most adorable puppies. Our kennel Wallachian White now prides itself with two “goodest of boys” as well as with four cutest girls. The proud mother of the white fluffy doggies is our beloved Chelsea Little Soulmate while Loud Like Love Sunshine Celebration is the […]

Great news: Chealse is going to have new puppies!

There’s just the three for now. But in a few weeks, there will be new puppies! If interested in getting one, please do not hesitate to contact us.